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Removing Old Sessions/Data

Post by ec-inflxx »

I am curious as the proper way to remove old data from Veeam. I have created a Test group and put in a VM to do some randomn testing. I do not need or want it anymore and I would rather it not show up anywhere in Veeam just so it is clean. I removed the files from the folder they were in. How can I remove it from the Veeam software? Or is there an automatic process for this?


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Re: Removing Old Sessions/Data

Post by Gostev »

Sessions are removed automatically according to retention policy set in Tools > Options.

All objects that you (or software) created can be removed via short-cut menu (right-click on object). You should never need to, and it is not recommend, to remove anything manually (such deleting backup files with explorer). This introduces inconsistency in product configuration, something it expects to be present is missing. Product can handle and automatically fix most scenarios, but you can potentially run into a bug with some untested scenario.

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