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Replica Failover Question

Post by jlehtinen »

Newbie questions here - I searched but couldn't find anything on it (maybe because it's THAT stupid?? :D ).

1.) While capturing a replica of a VM that is currently in use - at what "point" should I consider the data to have been captured? Let's say it takes me 30 minutes to capture an entire replica - will my replica contain a snapshot of the data as it was at minute 0, at minute 30, or somewhere in-between?

2.) We push replicas to a DR site. If I failover to a replica on the DR site - for example to restore point 3 of 15 - am I correct that ONLY the replica VM is affected by this failover/restoration process? I just want to be sure Veeam doesn't try to push out the data to the original VM.

Thanks again for the help - sorry for the newbie questions. I'm getting there....!

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Re: Replica Failover Question

Post by Gostev »

Hi, no problems with newbie questions as long as you attempted to use search ;) and thank you for doing this!
1. At minute 0 (when VM snapshot is taken by our application).
2. Correct. We do not currently have automated failback, so there is no way that souce VM can be affected.

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