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Replica in production DC2

Post by stvoglio »


I would like to know if the following scenario is possible:

I have two datacenters (DC1 and DC2)
a VM in DC1,
I’d like to make the reply between the two DCs.
after the replication job, maybe in post-replication scripts
I would like to turn on the replication, run a script inside the VM that changes ip to avoid conflicts
leave the VM on until the next replay
and then repeat the procedure

I think the VM is in a SureReplica
but can I have the replica in production in the DC2 so it’s accessible to everyone?

I hope I’ve made myself clear

Thank you.
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Re: Replica in production DC2

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just to confirm that I understood your idea correctly: after each new restore point in DC2, you want to power on the VM and change the IP address inside the VM because you are using Linux? (because for Windows, it's built-in and scripts are not needed). This would be the "classic" approach.

Could you maybe explain the overall goal? What problem do you try to solve?

If you set up routing into the virtual lab, then "everyone" can access it. I mean, it's still behind NAT, so I'm not sure whether that's what your really want, but it should work. Alternatively, you could just do a failover. Then the replicas are fully available "in production" in DC2

Best regards,
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