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Replicaiton Q

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I am replicating to a DR server, and did not want any roll back VRB files created. Is this possible?

The DR server will not be used to failover to particular versions, it is only there should the source server and storage fail completely...

The DR enviroment will be powered on and put into production...
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Re: Replicaiton Q

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Sam just set rollback to one and then it will just make one copy im sure.

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Re: Replicaiton Q

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Hello Sam,

Yes, Trevor is absolutely right. You can set the "Number of rollback point to keep" option to 1 at advanced job settings, so there will be no any VRB files created. Also you may schedule a Copy Job (Hot VM Copy), but be aware that in this case you'll have to register VM manually.

Thank you.
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