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Replicate to vCloud or Cloud

Post by sly_cv »

Does anyone know of a way to replicate a VM to a cloud host? I like the idea of replicating our critical data as a VM, because of the fast RTO. But, I am concerned about the cost of adding a colo site only for DR.

Is it possible to use veeam with a vCloud hosting service? Or does anyone know of another way to go about this?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Replicate to vCloud or Cloud

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Sam,

Many of our customers are already replicating to offsite locations, in most of the cases these are just DR sites. If you want to use service providers hardware to run replicated VMs, then it's better to have a fast reliable link to the destination host.

On top of that, here is an existing topic that have some correlations with your question, should be useful: Future of Veeam is Cloudy

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Re: Replicate to vCloud or Cloud

Post by johncor »

We are backing up about 30 VM's across a 100MB leased line and it works a treat. I think we pay about 20% of the price of a running VM to have the replica in a powered off state. Product info for the company we use is at
If you need any help setting it up just PM me.

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Re: Replicate to vCloud or Cloud

Post by tomnats »

We offer backups from your Veeam to either shared storage or a live Esxi blade.

For #1, we supply you with a sftp target (nailed down to an IP or via VPN tunnel) where you can drop your Veeam backups. At any time, we can restore them into our cloud using Veeam. From there, they would appear in your VMware vCloud Director where you can power them on,etc..

#2 involves a dedicated Dell blade with VMware Enterprise. You use the replication feature to replicate your VMs as often as you like.

#1 is a slower recovery time where as #2 is much quicker. (stopping replication and powering on the VMs and changing IPs..)

Please contact me for more information.

Tom Nats
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