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Replicating VMs with multiple datastore locations

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Sorry if this has been discussed before...tried a search but came up with nothing.

Just curious if anyone has found a way to replicate VMs that have vmdk files located in separate datastores.
For instance I have a large file server VM that has 4 x 1.5TB vmdk files each located on separate 2TB VMFS datastores. I would like to be able to replicate this VM over to the DR host and have each vmdk be put into separate datastores. Is there a way to do this with the 4.1 version? If its not available in the current version will this option be available in a future release?

Thanks for your help


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Re: Replicating VMs with multiple datastore locations

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Hello Shaun, it is strange why this did not come up for you in search - it just did for me :D

Here is this corresponding discussion with all answers and possible workarounds: ... datastores



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