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Replication Errors with the new ESXi 4.1

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hope someone can help me
we have setup the new VMware 4.1 ESXi on two servers
we have set up the Vsphere Server on a Server 2003 x64 because vsphere server 4.1 needs 64bit
also we have set up Veeam 4.1.1 as 64bit on this server
the server has a dedicated backup lan to each of the esxi and a connection to the lan

the normal backups to the local store of the backup server runs fine, but slowly - only 8Mbit/sec on 1000Mbit Lan
The traffic runs to the dedicated Backup lan as i have configured the hosts in the hosts file of the backup server
Also incemental backups run with this speed

If i try a replication from esx2 to esx1 (both identical) it works with a speed of 8Mbit/sec - so it takes 12h for a complete replication of 5 sessions with 355GB
if the second replication run, it works also with a speed of 8Mbit/sec- i thougt that it must be faster , because its a incremental replication - is that wrong ?

if i try the first replication from esx1 to esx2 i get errors and all the sessions fail:
Formatting vbk storage FormatStorage failed Client error: NFC error: [16392].NfcFssrvrOpen: Failed to open '[ESX2_Datastore1] VeeamBackup/': An error was detected Cannot open NFC disk. Disk path: [[ESX2_Datastore1] VeeamBackup/blades-tlauu7mb.intern.lutzthis occurs after formating the vbk file

if i try the next replication i get this error:
Checking replica "blades-tlauu7mb.intern.lutz-blades.com_replica" consistency... Replica file "blades-tlauu7mb.intern.lutz-blades.com_replica" is corrupted. Right-click the replica and choose "Remove from Disk", then run the replication job to perform full replication. CheckStorage failed Client error: Storage [%1] not initialized
what is wrong ?
i have tryed it with and without VSS integration, per SAN and Network Mode - its all the same
Is it because of the 64bit version or of the new VMware 4.1 esxi ?
I have never errors before 4.1 on other customer systems

Also in this CONSTELLATION it is not possible to add only one ESXi Host, i only can add the whole datacenter
i get a error like "symbol not defined"


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Re: Replication Errors with the new ESXi 4.1

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Hello Mikle, Veeam Backup and Replication currently doesn't support VMware VSphere 4.1 as explained in the stickied topic:
vSphere 4.1 support (or lack of). Thanks!

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