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Replication ESX 4 --> ESXi 3.5

Post by PuntsWorth »


I am trying to test replicating between ESX 4 to ESXi but i keep getting the below error

0 of 0 files processed

Total VM size: 280.00 GB
Processed size: 0.00 KB
Avg. performance rate: 0 KB/s
Backup mode: service console agent

Start time: 14/06/2010 16:36:58
End time: 14/06/2010 16:37:05

Building path for backup
can not create /vmfs/volumes/4c08ca9c-9a260dea-e4b7-001aa02f7a9c/VeeamBackup : No such file or directory3.5

Running 3.1.1
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Re: Replication ESX 4 --> ESXi 3.5

Post by Gostev »

Hello, version 3.1.1 does not support replication to ESXi. This feature was only added in version 4.1.
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