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Replication ESXi

Post by baltman9 »

I have a support ticket open and waiting a response, but maybe someone here knows in the mean time.

Our VM admin decided to convert our ESX boxes to ESXi. He moved all the replicas I had over to an ESXi box and turned off the old ESX box I was using. I tried changing the location in the jobs, but got an error about the data sources being different. I went to the replicas in veeam and deleted them from disk, then I went in the vcenter and verified there was no data on the datastore and deleted the replicas he moved. There should be no trace of the old replicas now. I went ahead and created a new job and started it. After nearly 2 hours now, it is still showing 0% completed. It completed the first few steps quickly, but is on file 4 of 4 now, and seems to be stuck on "replicating object '[ESX_501] name/name.vmdk'". The datastore shows a vmdk, but is 0KB out of 40GB in size.

This doesn't seem right. Am I just being impatient and need to wait longer?
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Re: Replication ESXi

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Hard to say, need to see what the job is doing. Not a very good idea to convert replication target box to ESXi though, as replication performance is lower with ESXi targets (please refer to existing discussions on this matter if you need more info on that). Thanks.
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