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Replication Fail

Post by adrianr »

Hi there,
I have two identical servers Server A and Server B, one of which has a Virtual Machine. This virtual machine is being replicated from Server A and Server B. Last week I moved Server B to a different location, within the same network but on a different subnet. Both servers can connect to one another. When I tried to replicate I get a failed job with the following error:

Constructing rollback file name TextToTar failed Client error: NFC error: [16392].NfcFssrvrOpen: Failed to open '[datastore1] VeeamBackup/Windows SBS 2008(16)/2010-05-07T105910.vrb': An error was detected. Cannot open NFC disk. Disk path: [[datastore1] VeeamBackup/Windows SBS 2008(16)/2010-05-07T105910.vrb]. Failed to backup text locally. Backup: [veeamfs:0:/summary.xml@nfc://,nfchost:ha-host,stg:48e02119-209d796d-4134-00237dd7d782@VeeamBackup/Windows SBS 2008(16)/2010-05-07T105910.vrbVBK: 'veeamfs:0:/summary.xml@nfc://,nfchost:ha-host,stg:48e02119-209d796d-4134-00237dd7d782@VeeamBackup/Windows SBS 2008(16)/2010-05-07T105910.vrb'RBK: ''].

I dont know why it is saying that I have a failed job. It has access to the datastore as when I tell it to calculate the size of the datastore it can calculate it. The veeam backup and replication software is installed on a windows XP which is a VM on Server A. Anyone have ideas please?
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Re: Replication Fail

Post by Gostev »

Hello Adrian, are you able to connect to server B from Veeam Backup server? Also, please try to re-create the job and see if this helps.

Usually, it is best to contact our support directly for assistance with technical issues, as they require full logs research (session's summary is not sufficient for troubleshooting). Instructions on obtaining the log files and opening a support case are displayed when you click New Topic. Thanks!
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