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Replication fails, VM id has changed. Re-link somehow?

Post by pops106 »

I have started testing some replication over a 10mb line which has been working really well. But after having an issue yesterday I had to remove and add one of the hosts running some of the replicated VM's.

Now the ref ID has changed for the VM so it thinks it is trying to create a whole new replica which fails because the old replica is still there.

How can I link this VM back to its full replica which is sat at the other side?

I hope we can do this because the plan is to replicate about 20 VM's 60 miles away over a 10mb line. We are going to do the FULL local and then lift and shift to the other site and allow changes to update across the link.

If something goes wrong and I cant link VM's back to their full replicas I am going to have major problems with this.

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Re: Replication fails, VM id has changed. Re-link somehow?

Post by Gostev »

Hello, unfortunately right now there are no supported methods of doing this in Veeam Backup. We are planning to add the "import replica" functionality in the future releases, but right now it is not available. I know some people found some workarounds to achieve this with the current code, but these workarounds are not officially supported.
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