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Replication - Functionality & Best Practice

Post by JulianL »

From the FAQ:
Q: If we have a production site doing Veeam backups, can we replicate to a remote site without having Veeam at the remote site?
A: Yes, you can install Veeam Backup server in both source, and target site, or even in both - there is no extra charge.
I assume that's supposed to say that you can run VBR at either site or both sites for replication to work.

I'm interested in how to manage the replicas at the secondary site in the event you have lost your primary site. In this situation, would it be beneficial to have an instance of VBR at the secondary site? Would this 2nd instance know about the replicas or would I have to import the replicas as if they were backup files? Or do you have reduced functionality if you lose the primary site (i.e. can only restore last good replica).

As you only have to license Veeam for the environment you are backing up (or replicating), if I do run VBR on both sites, can I use the same license file or does it need to be changed by Veeam so it can be used in 2 places at once?

People that are currently using VBR to replicate VMs, how are you doing it? Have you done a fire drill and tested the ability to rollback? Some real world insight would help immensely! :)

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Re: Replication - Functionality & Best Practice

Post by Gostev »

Hi Julian, if you are looking to learn real-world insights, then you would have to search these forums - since all of these questions have been discussed multiple times before in the past few years, with other customers sharing how they are doing this and best practices. I cannot merge your post in any particular topic because you are asking multiple questions, so I suggest that instead you search the forum for some keywords according to your questions (examples: replication veeam server placement, replica testing, and so on). Thanks.
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