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Replication over NAT

Post by singy2002 »

I am looking into implementing a Veeam backup & replication solution between a customer and our data centre.

Firstly I will try to explain the potential solution.

Site 1 Internet Site 2
ESX hosts +Vcenter - Veeam backup server
Range 192.168.*.* - Range 192.168.*.*

We currently have comms links between the two sites, but as we both use the same IP range the traffic has to be NAT'ed. Will this cause a problem for Veeam in any way?

We may also be looking to roll out this to other customers down the line, Are there any issues with Veeam backup communicating with multiple vCenters and/or hosts across multiple IP ranges and NAT's. Is there a physical maximum number of VC/Hosts

From the Veeam documentation, I have found the ports listed, but I am a little unsure what the console/cource and target are. Is it as follows?
Console - Veeam backup server
Source - Source ESX or VC or both?
Target - Target ESX or VC or both?

There is also the mention of "Tranmission channels" 2500-5000 can this range be limited? or reduced?

Finally this is probably a difficult one to quantify, but for an average server with mimimal disks and changes, what would be the absolute minimum link that would be able to function with? Anyone who has experieince of this who can point me in the right direction of usuage/transfer figures?

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Re: Replication over NAT

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Andrew,

As far as I got you right, you need to have either public IP address for the target ESX server on the remote site or you should publish the required ports over the NAT in order to add target ESX host to a Veeam console.

If you've been able to add corresponding source vCenter server and target ESX server to Veeam console, then you shouldn't see any issues while running replication jobs. You may add as many vCenter servers or ESX servers to the Veeam console as needed.

Yes, that's correct:
Console - Veeam backup server
Source - Source ESX server
Target - Target ESX server

We require 1 transmission channel/port per 1 job, so you're correct you may reduce that port range based on your job setup. As many of our customers are using Veeam to replicate off-site, you may search the forums for "WAN replication" and "WAN accelerators" for more information on the WAN links used and job performace examples. Here are some of the threads that might be useful: ... AN+channel

Thank you!
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