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Replication ports - replication routing

Post by bmwisme »

I have my production and DR sites are connected by VPN (SonicWall). My DR site has 2 WAN interfaces and I would like to route replication traffic to a particular WAN link on the DR site. I know how to route by Host but I don't want all traffic to route over the VPN or particular WAN interface so it looks like I could create a service (Sonicwall) and define the TCP port/s. Anyone else cross this bridge? Will all replication traffic travel over know port/s - if so I do I determine the ports?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Replication ports - replication routing

Post by foggy »

Bill, all the required ports are listed in the corresponding section of the Veeam B&R user's guide (available at the Resources tab of the product web page).

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