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Replication to DR - Running Proxy and WAN Accelerator on the

Post by CoffeeCup » Oct 06, 2017 3:25 pm


We are running more then 70 backup jobs backing up almost 200 VMs hosted on VMWare cluster every 2 hours and more then 30 secondary GFS jobs. The amount of backup jobs/VMs will keep growing. In addition to existing backups we are building the DR and planning to replicate more than 30 VMs (initially) to the DR facilities over the slow link. The replication jobs will be running every 4 hours. To reduce the loads to current Veeam system I’m planning to setup separate proxies for replication jobs only, used them as WAN Accelerators as well as proxies and run the replication jobs from backup files rather then from VMs to avoid creating extra snapshots.

Would it make sense to run proxy and WAN Accelerator on the same boxes or it would be better to run them for separate servers ?
Are there any other considerations I should keep in mind to make the whole backup/replication system more efficient?

Thank you very much

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Replication to DR - Running Proxy and WAN Accelerator on

Post by Andreas Neufert » Oct 08, 2017 7:31 pm

Hi Luba,
thanks for the question.
For Veeam it do not matter if the the WAN Accelerator and Proxy Server run on same server or not. The needed resources are the same.
You can check the Best practices guide https://bp.veeam.expert/ for the actual WAN accelerator tuning recommendations.

Sometimes it is faster for high frequent replications to not use the WAN accelerators. I suggest you test with and without. High frequent replications lead into small change rate and default compression is maybe enough to process the data through the WAN link. WAN accelerators are only helpful if the WAN links is saturated and the extra time an WAN accelerator need for the extra processing lead into faster overall processing.

In the best practices guide you will find a lot of tips and tricks for Replication optimization.

Let me just add that you have a huge job count for your number of VMs. Typically there are on average more than 20 VMs in a Job.

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