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Replication V6 mapping to v5 replica

Post by ephillipsme »

I have upgraded to v6 with the patch 3 build I have several legacy replication jobs and these run fine. When I create a new replication job and mapping to the v5 replica the job starts and will sit on the processing vm task. This occurs for a long time, I exported the logs and it appears to be doing a read on the v5 replica but not showing any activity in the status. Wondering is this normal to update the replica job. Is there a better way to update these other then remapping a v6 replica job. Some of these replcias are large and reseeding them would take a while and trying to avoid this.

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Re: Replication V6 mapping to v5 replica

Post by Gostev »

It's normal - the job needs to read the entire v5 replica VM that you've mapped into to see which blocks match the source VM, and which need to be sent over to put source and replica VMs in sync. Make sure you have at least one backup proxy VM installed in the target site for the process to be performed locally, otherwise - if you still only have one backup proxy that is installed in the source site, as in case with v5 - the entire replica VM will be done over the WAN, and so will take forever. Thanks.

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