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Replication VM with 2 physicals servers

Post by tovonantenaina »

Hello ,

I have the version 9 of veem backup and 2 physicals servers vspheres with esx 6 .
I would like to replicate the VM in the first server with to the secondary physical server .

I would like proceed like this .

- Stop my VM to the primary server
- export VM to OVF
- restore this OVF to the secondary Server (for replica)
- replicate this VM with VeemBackup replication

I would like to know how do this in Veembackup , can you please share wth me the configuration our documentation please

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Re: Replication VM with 2 physicals servers

Post by Mildur »

Hi Tovo

Welcome to the forum.
First please upgrade your Veeam Server to the latest version (V11a) if you can. V9 is really old and already end of support :)

There are two methods for initial replication. Replica seeding or mapping.
You need to enable "Replica seeding" in the first step. Then both options can be configured in the following step: ... ml?ver=110

Replica Seeding: If you have backups at your DR location, you can use them for initial seeding of the replica. Veeam will restore this backup as a VM and use it for the replication.

Replica Mapping: If you want to export and import the VM as an OVF, you can use replica mapping. In the replica job settings, you need to map the source VM with the imported VM.

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