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Repository replace from NAS to g.p. server

Post by Giacomo_N » Mar 27, 2018 11:08 am

Hi guys,

our two NAS repositories are old and after reading the last two "word from Gostev" newsletters, I want to refresh it by general purpose server.
Incredible (IMHO), here in Italy, the cost of a 12 bay NAS with 12*6TB disk is higher than a Supermicro server with 12*6TB + 2XSSD 240GB, dual E5-2620v4, 128GB RAM, 2*10gbs sfp and Windows server 2016 OEM with 5 years onsite NBD.
No dubt to move in that direction, not for price, but for more flexibility and, I hope, more performance compare to NAS.
With the servers I can also move the proxy role to this physical machine instead actually production VM's, but keep Veeam server virtual, without any other roles.

The question is, is it necessary 2xSSD disks? My partner says "it's a standard configuration", but that partner it's only a genereal HW reseller.
My idea it's to use with NTFS until ReFS will be full stable.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Repository replace from NAS to g.p. server

Post by P.Tide » Mar 30, 2018 11:46 am 1 person likes this post

The question is, is it necessary 2xSSD disks?
Necessary for what? Proxy - no, proxies do not utilize disks at all. Repository - also no. WAN accelerator - no. On the other hand, although 2x240 GB is not that much, you could use it for cache if you decide to use some sort of tiering (ZFS, ReFS, Storage Spaces) in future.


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