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Request: Replace 2-node vSAN requirement with warning

Post by kberger » Nov 20, 2017 10:51 pm

This is related to this KB:

The "solution" amounts to: "Add more nodes or never put your servers into maintenance mode to end up with one active node for the vSAN, ever."

Our normal setup is One Witness Node in a Datacenter, and a Two Host Cluster in each satellite office. We sometimes require a server in maintenance mode for fairly a long duration, as we don't have any on-site IT for these small offices. During these times, we are unable to perform any backups that involve VM snapshots.

I would much rather prefer to see a Warning message for the VM backup instead of a Hard Failure. I can take a manual snapshot, and the VM is working just fine. The problem is, if we have a node in maintenance mode or is offline due to a fault or what-have-you (the situation we are in now) Veeam simply refuses to attempt a snapshot, even though it only needs it temporarily for the duration of the backup.

P.S. I searched for this issue on the forums here and didn't find anything closely related.

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Re: Request: Replace 2-node vSAN requirement with warning

Post by anthonyspiteri79 » Nov 21, 2017 3:56 am

Hey there. Couple of questions just to get some more info:

1. Are all VM backups impacted during the maintenance periods? IE. Are any VMs backing up?
2. What's your fault domain config?
3. How many Veeam Proxies are you running and where?

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