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Restore File Error!!! I need an answer

Post by a_user »

Im going to try and remain as civil as possible but I am extremely PO'ed!!

Restoring individual files has always worked for us before up until this newest release. Now in an emergency situation under extremely tight deadlines i need to recover a folder from the previous evenings backups and Im getting some bs error stating the following: Could not find file 'ChallengeResponseLoginBean.class'! when trying to copy a folder from the file selection screen to any path with ample space!

Its bad enough these forums wont even let me post an image...I have to upload one and then link to it?? I have to start a complete vm restore to get one folder back. We have been using this as our file level backup for VM's as well as complete image backup because it ALWAYS worked, now I am surprised with this on production system under tight deadline. Always worked, now first time i need to restore in new version I find this!! Not happy!

Need an answer asap!
Ben Milligan
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Re: Restore File Error!!! I need an answer

Post by Ben Milligan »

a_user, I am sorry that you are having trouble. Please send us your logs from Help>Support Information ASAP to support(at) I have not seen this error before myself personally, however I know that we can work with you in support to help you get this file restored.
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