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Restore Guest Files directly?

Post by cake »


Is it possible that Veeam creates an Restore Agent? Our Support/UserHelpDesk Team recovers and monitoring our backups. Now we have problems to recover files directly to the VM´s. Sometimes they cant recover the Files because the files or folder have different NTFS Permissions or they have direct access to this server.
When they recover some folders over an existing folder they have not the permissions to do that.
In our enviroment all administrators have different roles and only some people can access to all. The policies disallow that everybody have access to all servers or are in domain/org-admin groups.

This would be a nice feature for us. I know that Veeam says that they work without agents and so on, but at the moment i have to create an account and this account would be used to install and start the VSS providers. So Veeam have to use an agent.... Or?
At this moment veeam also used an tool to creates an consistently backup. (VSS)
When we have an agent and this agent would be act as an system account or so, we dont need an administrator/backup account.
The recover of files would be better and faster.

The other restore possibilities are very good and i like them, but this feature would do this product nearly perfect for us.


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Re: Restore Guest Files directly?

Post by Gostev »

Hello Carsten, thank you for your feedback. We will keep this issue in mind as we enhance our file restore capabilities.

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Re: Restore Guest Files directly?

Post by JoeIanni »

I would second this request, the need to restore files/folders directly the intended server and retain file permissions.

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Re: Restore Guest Files directly?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Joseph, preserving original file permissions while doing FLR is already available, please have a look at this topic: File Restore and Preserving NTFS permission Windows 2008

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