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Restore of all dcs in a domain

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As a test of veeambackup I've tried to restore all dcs in our domain.

Like this I tried to create a test environment. I restored all our 3 production dcs to vmware workstation (using the vm-copy backup method in veeam-backup).

Everything seemed to work fine. The dcs first started in safe mode. After the second restart I could logon.

My problem is that on all the restored dcs the sysvol and netlogon shares were missing.

I think the cause of the problem is that after the restore all dcs are in a non-authoritative state.

I found the following kb-articel

which deals with this problem.

I followed the kb-article but was not able to get the netlogon-share up.
The sysvol-share appeared, but when I tried to start the netlogon-service I got an error message that the folder


does not exist.

Are there best practises for restoring all dcs in a domain ?

Greetings Martin

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