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Restore of Exchange 2003 Server

Post by schedlbauerm »

Today I performed a test-restore of our Exchange 2003 Server in a test environment.

The restore worked fine, but I was not able to start the mailbox- and publicfolder-stores.

The reason for this was, that after the restore the db-files were renamed to _priv1.edb and _priv1.stm from priv1.edb and priv1.stm.

Is this renaming caused by VeeamBackup or Microsoft VSS ?

After renaming the db-files I was able to start the stores.

Greetings Martin
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Re: Restore of Exchange 2003 Server

Post by Gostev »

Hi Martin, yes this is a part of our VSS restore process for Exchange servers. According to your description, it looks like the actual restore process was interrupted and did not finish. You should wait some time during restore, as the server should reboots during the process (whole restore process is 100% automated). Then the Exchange server would come up normally.

Can you try performing the test restore again for the same backup, and see if this happens if you give it enough time? If not, we would want to take a look at this over webex, as this likely means there are some specifics with your Exchange server that prevents the VSS restore logic from functioning properly (may be some 3rd party software, or something).
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