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Restore points vs retention period

Post by yrrah2010 »

I've got an backup schedule on daily base with forever incremental and saturday an syntetic full.

restore point to keep on disk: 7
deleted VMs retention period: 7

In my opinion the backup data will be deleted after 7 days, but there's data from 17 days (restore points) old.
How can i force that the backup data is deleted afther 7 days?
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Re: Restore points vs retention period

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For more information on what "Deleted VMs retention period" means, please take a look at this topic: Deleted VMs Retention Period

Given the description of your backup job type and retention policy settings, I would say it is expected to have more restore points than you've actually specified.

We have an existing thread covering all the details of forward incremental backup mode and retention policy settings. Please look it through and if you still have any questions, please continue posting there: Backup files not deleted according to retention policy

Thank you.

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