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Restore question

Post by bbesse »

I am trying to restore a folder and sub-folder from am Linux Guest. It is about 80GB.
how long should this sit with the "Preparing Information" Dialog box??

On another note, can restor these files and folders to a different inux box?

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Re: Restore question

Post by Gostev »

Hello Brent, the time it takes depends on the amount of files in that folder, if there are many thousands of small files than it could take long time; if there are just a hundreds or less files - then it would be quite fast (even if actual files are very large). File Level Restore is currently optimized for restore of individual files. Also, it depends on where the actual backup file is located.

After files and folders are restored, you can copy them to another Linux box using the built-in file manager (just add target Linux box to Veeam Backup Servers tree, and use drag&drop or copy&paste from My Computer to your target Linux box).
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