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Restore VBK from tape

Post by martins »

Hi all,
I have a question regarding the restore of the full .VBK file from tape. Generally we will configure jobs to backup to disk using VEEAM & then for archive send that off to tape every week. However in the event that data has to be restored from archive, I am concerned about the integrity of the large .VBK file (1TB) on tape. I know that the tape drive does bit level checking. BackupExec can also do a verify job after writing to tape. And I have the Integrity Checks option enabled in VEEAM. So is there any other failsafe/redundancy method for the .VBK file, because it would not be good to have the whole file become corrupt if we lost just a few bits.
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Re: Restore VBK from tape

Post by dellock6 »

Well, once you have enabled all the available checking tools, I cannot see any other way to be sure data are not corrupted, other than having more copies of the same vbk, but as you seems to not having too much trust in tapes (as me...) why not dismissing tape and going for disk-based solutions (exagrid, datadomain...)?

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Re: Restore VBK from tape

Post by rei.andrea »

There is this utility

backup validator ... 14465.html

I'm also thinking of create a .md5 file for .vbk

1) veam backup create a .vbk [OK]
2) I create a .md5 for vbk file
3) i check the backup with validator [OK]
4) i move the .vbk and .md5 to multiple USBDISK for example [OK]
5) I check the .vbk via .md5 on the USBDISK [OK]
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Re: Restore VBK from tape

Post by veremin »

I'm wondering what product version you're using.

With version VB&R 7, you can backup locally, using backup job. Then, test backup in automatic fashion, using SureBackup job. Finally, copy restore points to multiple USB disks, using backup copy jobs. The latter even has built-in integrity check of the latest restore point with automated remediation of the detected corruption.

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