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Restore VM from backup problem

Post by rhnb »

Just started using veeam and am testing out restores.

I have a Windows 2003 VM (lets call it 'testbackup') with 2 disks (c=20GB, d=30GB). On the SAN, the 2 VMDK's are in seperate volumes - C is in OSVOL, D is in DATAVOL
I backed up the VM and that all went fine.
I then deleted the VM from disk (via vCenter) and am trying a restore.

I went through the dialog choosing 'Entire VM (incl registration) and I began to feel uneasy when I was asked for a datastore to restore to.
I have 2 disks on this VM and want them back in their own datastore. I don't seem to have this option?

The restore fails after restoring the first VMDK.
I could name the disks uniquely, but that's assuming I'd have space in the one volume I 'can' choose to store both disks (in the example not a problem, but for some production VM's it definitely would be a problem!) And then I'd have to storage vmotion them back to their original volumes.
Is there a way around this? Any way to specify the datastores for each disk?

The only way I can see of doing it at the moment is to go through the 'Specific VM files only' option.
In there I can see the relevant vmdk's e.g. testbackup-flat.vmdk and testbackup_1-flat.vmdk but that seems like a lot of frigging about when you just want the VM back as it was.

I'm hoping as a new user I've missed something very obvious.
Cheeers... Allan.
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Re: Restore VM from backup problem

Post by Gostev »

Hello Allan, you are correct. Please refer to the existing discussion, and continue posting there if necessary. Thanks!
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