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Restoring Backup config

Post by trih »

I have an issue.
Company ESXi server has crashed and cannot be fix. I have backed-up servers to a nas. We have desided to move to Office 365 instead of On-premise.
I have installed Veeam B&R on a laptop and is trying to restore backup configuration. I have added the repository but when I try to restore configuration I get an error when entering password. The hint tells me that it is created by "Domain"\administrator but entering the password gives me "Invalid password".
Is there something I can do?

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Re: Restoring Backup config

Post by PetrM »

Hi Thomas,

Basically, it will make sense to ask our support team to take a look at the issue if you are sure that the entered password is correct.
Please don't forget to share the support case number for our reference.


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