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Retention policy confusion and desirable feature.

Post by Natoli »

I did a bit of searching around and testing to figure out how to create my retention policy so that my replica jobs did not save any rollback points (.vrb)
One thread I found had a Veeam staff say that you uncheck the retention policy to keep no rollbacks. So I did that, but I have a replica job running and it kept a rollback point for each run. The job had run four times so I had 3 .vrb files sitting with my target_replica.

I changed it to "Number of rollbacks = 1" and did a fifth run of the job.
At the end of the job
"Checking retention policy ...
4 rollback point(s) have been deleted."
and I no longer had any vrb files.
Which means that with it unticked, it keeps infinite rollback points instead of zero. With it ticked and set to one, it keeps a single 'synthetic full,' which in my mind I don't think of it as a rollback point. IE... retain zero vrb.
It's not confusing now that I tested it, but as you can see I got it wrong the first time around. The main thing being that unticking the box = infinity instead of zero. So it's more like a vrb deletion policy than a retention policy and number of vrb is "retention minus 1"

The next part to this is that it would be nice if the job report said how much data was changed. The only way I saw so far was that you look at the size of the vrb to determine this. But for me, I have no vrb to look at.
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Re: Retention policy confusion and desirable feature.

Post by Gostev »

Anthony, you are absolute right - I find it confusing as well, and want to get rid of this check box for exact same reason. I will investigate how easy it is to update the report with this information. Thank you for your feedback.
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