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Retention Policy Full Backup or Active Full??

Post by cake »


I have the a Problem to understand the Retention Policy.
Its very courios for me.

What i want to do:

On Monday till Friday i want create incrementals Backups. On Saturday Veeam should create a syntehtic Full BAckup with rollbackup the Files to vrb.
At the end of a month i want create a Active Fullbackup. But after that i have 2 big .vbk on disk, but i only want 1 .vbk file.
Our Legato Networker should only backup the new "Full Active Backup".

We want the time of 1 month of vrb or vib backups to leave on Disk after 30 Days or a month the last rollbackpoint or incremental can delete. So we can go backwards 30 Days without to restore the vbk file from tape.

Is this possible?

R R R R R F I I I I I after rollling the vib files on the weekend it look so:

R R R R R R R R R R F........... <--thats good

After 1 month our backup directory looks like:
R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R F F I I <-- thats not good, i only want one Fullbackup on Disk.
But when i create Active Fullbackup i have 2 vbk on Disk. I dont want 2 vbk on disk.
Every vbk file is over 1,3 TB big.
I know that the synthetic file would be create from the .vib backup on the disks.
Do i need the Active Full Backup?
What ist the different between the old fullbackup vbk file and a new FullActive vbk file?
Or should i create a new Job and run it only once a month and bring it to tape?

Can anyone help me please ?

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Re: Retention Policy Full Backup or Active Full??

Post by Gostev »

Hi Carsten, essentially active full backup starts the job over again, producing the new backup chain. Any backup files produced earlier are not used in this process, as active full by definition reads the data from source directly. However, older backup files still stay on disk for restores. So, it is normal/expected to see two VBK files with your schedule.

You can drop doing active fulls altogether, and instead backup your only synthetic full backup file. Both files contain the same VM state anyway, the only difference is that VRBs can only used with synthetic fulls they were produced from. Or, you can create the new monthly backup job instead, but this would still require disk space to host 2 VBK files at the same time, so there is no big difference from what you have today really. Thanks.
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