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Retry backup job

Post by rhnb »

If I have a job containing 50 VM's which runs and one of those VMs fails backup, if I then right click the Job and select 'Retry Job' does it just re-run the 'failed' VM's (ie in this case the 1 VM, or ALL the jobs?

I'm hoping just the one! (otherwise I can't see the difference between Start job and Retry job).
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Re: Retry backup job

Post by Vitaliy S. »


When you choose the Retry option, only failed VMs will be processed.

Thank you!
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Question about retrying failed VM backups

Post by snowmizer »


We are in the process of implementing Veeam to backup our virtual infrastructure. I am thinking about how we handle failed backups. We need to make sure that the backups get done successfully. The job is set up to backup a folder on vCenter that contains VMs to be backed up as part of the job and is set to retry automatically 3 times before failing the job. In this scenario I'm not exactly sure of the best way to handle a situation where serverA and serverB are being backed up by the same job and serverA is successful but serverB fails. If I retry the job what will happen? Will Veeam try to backup serverA and serverB again? Are other people running into this scenario?

I know that one way I could handle it is to create separate jobs for each VM but that seems like overkill and I know if we add new servers something could get missed as far as adding the server to the backups.

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Re: Question about retrying failed VM backups

Post by Sethbartlett »

Retry jobs only retry VMs that failed, not any VMs that were already processed. You can also right click your job and do "retry job" if you just want to retry backing up the VMs that failed from the night before.
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