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RFC - Enable jobs by disabling them?

Post by GraPghaST »

Just a small comment for Veeam B&R

When I disable a job, I right-click on the job and select "Disable Job". When I want to enable the job again, I right click and select ... "Disable job" again?

RFC: When enabling a job again, "enable job" has to appear in the right-click menu.

Changing the world one menu item at a time :D

This only seems to happend in the following scenario:

I Select ALL jobs in the job window. I right-click and select "Disable job". ALL jobs get disabled. I immediately right-click one of the ALL selected jobs again thus maintaining the selection, then "disable job" is still unchecked.

When I disable all jobs, click somewhere else so that the selection is cleared and right-click on one single job, the checkmark at "Disable job" is visible.

So it seems that the checkmark DOES work while selecting single jobs, but not multiple jobs.
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Re: RFC - Enable jobs by disabling them?

Post by Gostev »

Hi Robbert, because we use checkbox next to "Disable job", it is by design that label does not change to "Enable job".
I will ask QC to reproduce the behavior you have explained in EDIT section. Thanks.
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