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Rsync with the --inplace option

Post by A3_h »

Hhhm testing a restore of rsynced vbk file

26-6-2011 23:00:25 Starting restore job
26-6-2011 23:00:26 Locking required backup files
26-6-2011 23:01:10 Starting restore agents on server "vh207.netwerk.lokaal"
26-6-2011 23:01:13 Fail Restore job failed
Server error: End of file

Seems like the --inplace option with rsync doesn't do the job very well.

Anyone tested there rsync vbk files in a restore job and had a succesfull restore?
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Re: Rsync with the --inplace option

Post by tsightler »

We've restored a large number of VM's from our rsync'd backup copies and we always use the "--inplace" option. Never had any problem.
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