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Run command not executing batch file?

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Normally, after each Veeam job, we run a robocopy command from the "post job activity" section of the "advanced" section of the backup destination screen.

In this case, we want to run a batch file (which then runs 2 separate robocopy jobs).

The entry reads "c:\robocopy\CopyVM.bat" and was placed there by clicking on the browse button. Spelling of file name has been checked and checked and....

However, the .bat file does not execute.

When I run the .bat file manually, it runs fine.

Any ideas? I know this is going to be a no-brainer, but I feel my brain isn't working today.


batch file reads:

robocopy /job:c:\robocopy\copyD
robocopy /job:c:\robocopy\copyG
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Re: Run command not executing batch file?

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Hello Nick,

All the post backup job scripts are executed by Veeam Service, make sure the account stated in logon info has enough permissions to execute your script.

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