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Same retention using backup and backup copy jobs

Post by Cullan »

Hi there,

I have a requirement to have the same backup retention onsite and offsite and retention of 28 daily (Incremental), 12 monthly (Incremental), 28 quarterly (incremental) and 7 yearly (fulls).
The 28 daily and 12 monthly are simple. Create a 28 day backup job a 12 monthly backup job and then matching copy jobs to send the same retention offsite.
For the quarterly and yearly to do this with a backup job onsite I'm thinking one Backup job with 28 points scheduled to run monthly but only on Jan,Apr,July,Oct (28 quarters) then to get the yearly fulls set the same job to take an active full every Jan.
So i assume 4 backups per year with the Jan backup being a full. The offsite copy for this job could just be configured as a normal copy job with GFS for the 7 yearlies although it may use slightly more space.

I'm trying to do the onsite part with a backup job since you can't run a backup copy job to the same repository (to use GFS, well without creating a dummy rep in a different folder)

Does this seem ok?

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Re: Same retention using backup and backup copy jobs

Post by HannesK »

seems okay.

Best regards,

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