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SAN Only mode poor performance

Post by Leon »

Our configuration:
Veeam 5.0.2 on a Windows 2008 64bits VM with 4 cpu’s
Back-ups are saved on a NTFS partition in the VM.
The ESX Host has one ISCSI NIC on the ISCSI Network
Max. Speed with a full backup 15 MB/s

Test configuration:
Physical server with Windows 7 32bits and Veeam 5.0.2
One Nic connected to the ISCSI Network
Max. Speed with a full backup 40 MB/s

Why is a Physical server faster than a Virtual server?
When we look to the traffic on the ISCSI NIC we see that the Physical Server has a constant data stream and the Virtual Server is the data stream with peaks.

The virtual configuration is standard with multiple customers and here we see the same problem. With the throughput.
Can you help us with a solution to this problem, is it a configuration problem??
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Re: SAN Only mode poor performance

Post by Gostev »

Strange. You should definitely be getting at least 40MB/s in both cases. I am inclined to think this has something to deal with ESX hosts hardware or storage. The only difference above is presence of virtualization, plus different backup target.

1. Try backing up to a CIFS share on Windows 7 server to ensure backup target is not an issue.
2. Try Virtual Appliance mode with existing backup target (inside VM).

Also, note that storing backup on VMFS (inside VM disks) is not a good idea anyway - please look up some existing discussions on this for more info.

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