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Sanity check for Backup copy file move!

Post by Trin »

I'm just after some sanity checking here, if you would, in case I've missed something.

Due to space constraints I've had to point one of our backup copy jobs to save to a new NAS.
The backup copy job is called "VM Backup Copy" and originally saved to a folder "NAS1\VM Backup Copy\VM Backup Copy_1"

Following this document, I noted; "Also keep in mind that there will be folders created inside the directory/path for job names.
If your repository is declared as E:\Backups, Job A will go to E:\Backups\Job A".

Based on this, the new repository declared in Veeam, is "NAS2\Backup copy".
I created a folder within this; "NAS2\Backup copy\VM Backup Copy" (the same as the job name) and copied all the .vbm, .vbk and .vib files into it.

I then rescanned the repository in Veeam, and pointed the job target to the new repository. I was given the message "Move all backup files to the new backup repository first” so remapped the job to point at the new "VM Backup copy" folder containing the moved files. When I did this I saw two instances of the new "VM Backup copy" folder so just picked the first one (not sure if it made any difference).

Given the fact that the actual folder where the files were moved to matches the name of the job, and also that the repository declared is one level up, so to speak, why wouldn't it recognise all the files?

Also, when the backup copy job runs again tonight is it likely to carry on from where it left off, but in the new folder or is it going to create another new folder "..._1" and begin a new series of backup files?

Many thanks

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Re: Sanity check for Backup copy file move!

Post by foggy »

Based on your description, unless you've selected the wrong folder for mapping, it should continue existing backup chain.

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