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Scale-Out Repository - Setup Question

Post by rick.olson » Feb 26, 2018 4:00 pm

I have a single physical Veeam host with an 80TB attached array that has been running great for the last year. We just purchased an additional array with 98TB of space that I'd like to utilize.

The old array does not have 'Use per-VM backup files' checked, and the settings for the SoBR seem to want that. So if I add the old array to the SoBR, what will happen with all the existing backup data? Will it want to run new full backups for all the jobs/servers?

I'm trying to plan things out such that if it needs to do full backups on all the servers that it happens Friday evening (so we have all weekend to let it crank it out).

I should add that my goal is to simply increase retention overall. I'd thought it might be better to put full backups on the old array and incrementals on the new one, but if Veeam manage's the underlying storage automatically I'm fine with that. The performance on the two arrays is identical.

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Re: Scale-Out Repository - Setup Question

Post by foggy » Feb 26, 2018 4:23 pm

Hi Rick, it's not that it will run fulls automatically, but for the per-VM chains setting to take effect, you need to run active full. Existing backups will not be affected.

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