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Scheduled jobs not running

Post by schaffeb »

I've run into one last stumbling block related to our Veeam implementation.

I have a bunch of jobs that I hadn't created schedules for yet, I was simply running them manually for the time being.

I decided that I wanted to schedule a couple of backup jobs to test out the scheduling mechanism.

Unless I'm missing something very obvious (which is quite possible :)), scheduled jobs just don't run. I change a job from unscheduled to scheduled and the "next run" date looks correct. However, when the time for the job comes up, the job doesn't start, it just sits there. Anyone have any ideas as to why such basic functionality doesn't seem to work?
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Re: Scheduled jobs not running

Post by Gostev »

Hello Ben, this is typically caused due to lack of permissions on Veeam Backup service account. There is an existing thread about this problem and it includes possible resolution (see last post there). I will lock this thread to avoid duplicates, but you can continue posting in the existing thread.

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