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Schedules in v7 R2

Post by infused »

Hi guys,

What's the best method of doing weekly/monthly schedules in version 7 R2? I remember it was quite cumbersome before.

We have Exchange/SQL servers etc and would really like to do monthly backups. Do we need a separate backup job for this?

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Re: Schedules in v7 R2

Post by foggy »

Hayden, have you heard about the new backup copy job type introduced in v7 and allowing for GFS retention of backups?

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Re: Schedules in v7 R2

Post by veremin »

Also, you can either create two different backup jobs or use the following script in order to start the job (via Windows Scheduler) however frequently you want to:

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Asnp VeeamPSSnapin
Get-VBRJob –name “Name of your Job” | Start-VBRJob

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