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Seeking new non-san storage for VEEAM

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Currently we use a JetStor 642F which is just a box with 42 1TB SATA disks. We have this split into four luns of equal size, and these are the luns Veeam backs up to.

Over the past year, we've found that when the 642F blows a drive and does a rebuild, all the Veeam metadata in the affected LUN is corrupt and unusable. The files are there, but the "metadata" is all broken. You have all your files, and you can't restore from them, and you can't back up to them either.

So my question is, would more traditional vendors provide better protection against this? We're looking at a NexSan SATABeast, and we're open to others. We'd like for this to be smaller than a full-out san, we have a NetApp for that. This is exclusively for the use of Veeam.

Any recommendations?

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Re: Seeking new non-san storage for VEEAM

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I suggest you take at least Lefthand or Datacore if you plan to use a "like self made" hardware appliance. These two i mentioned btw you could also run virtually.
But enterprise stuff like Equallogic, Netapp, EMC, and so on, is not quite expensive in the smallest class versions.

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