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selecting vm's to backup based on datastore

Post by fgw »

anton, dont know if anybody asked this already, but search did not find anything useful ...

is it possible to select the vm's a job should backup, based on the datastore the vm's are located on? if not this would probably be a usefull feature.

i'm currently digging into multipath configurations, have read a lot of documentation and posts on various forums on this and think i begin to understand whats going on in my san. the way my esx 3.5 servers and the backupserver select their default path's to the luns located on a hp eva4400 is not optimal: almost all servers are accessing the luns through the not owning controller! also the esx servers are accessing all luns through the same hba port leaving the second port unused.

suppose to get rid of random problems accessing luns during backup (= random failed vm's) and also for load balancing reasons i need to configure the preferred path manually AND put VM's residing on the same datastore in the same job. thus there will be no two jobs accessing the same lun anymore. thats where selecting vm's based on datastore would come in handy ...

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Re: selecting vm's to backup based on datastore

Post by Gostev »

Franz, yes someone has just posted similar request a few days ago... no, this is not possible with the current version. I will ask developers how hard it is to add this capability.

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