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Seperate Datastores?

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I have few questions. We would like to run replications for 2 organizations to a single ESX 4.1 box. The ESX host has 2 datastores i want to make organization 1 use Datastore 1, and oranization 2 VMs would be on datastore 2, however i don't want them to see each other when they try to restore VMs. is there a way to accomplish this with security? I have vcenter but i don't know how to configure vcenter veeam permissions. i did configure a local esx admin and i can do replications over to this ESX host. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Seperate Datastores?

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Hello Daniel,

You cannot create separate security permissions to access backup/replica files using Veeam backup console.

Could you please tell me what accounts do these organizations already use to access this ESX box? What security model do you use to divide host's resources (CPU/Memory) for them?

Also if you're planning to have two Veeam backup boxes deployed for these organizations, then you should create two users to access vCenter Server and configure them with granular permissions on those datastores and ESXi host resource pools. Once you've done that, please use these accounts to add vCenter Server to the backup consoles for each company.

Should more details be required regarding vCenter Server granular permissions, please check out this guide: ... _guide.pdf (page 213)

Thank you.

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