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Seperate VM Directories

Post by lsittech »

Hi All,

Apologies in advance if this has been asked, I couldn't really find what I was after.

I have about 15 VM's that I backup each night. We have a job for each VM because we like to see the vkb vbr files etc. go into their own directory per VM Name.

I understand I can have a single job with multiple VM's in it, however they either all backup within the single vbk file, or if Per VM is enabled on the repository they all go into a single directory but individual vbk files.

Is there a way to have 1 Veeam Backup job with multiple VM's in it and have it create a directory specific to each VM Name ?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Seperate VM Directories

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Hi Stephen

I think that there is no possibility to separate directories and VMs from a job with multiple VMs.


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Re: Seperate VM Directories

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That's correct, in the current version of the product there is no way to set up a folder creation for every VM in the job. Thanks!

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