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Server running Veeam services started performing badly

Post by odge »

I have a VM that is my veeam backup server. It has a connection to the SAN via 2 adapters (obviously virtual).

In the last few days I added a new SCSI hard disk through VMWare, and all of a sudden performance on the machine is non-existent, and its non-responsive.

I tried quite a lot of things, but what actually helped, was just disabling the VM's connections to the SAN interface.

So my guess is, this windows 2003 server was having some sort of disk management problem (its trying to check for the drives or something), and thats why it was locking up. (You could see in perfmon that the Avg Disk queue length was 600).

Now the machine is responsive, so can anyone give me any suggestions what to check/stop?

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Re: Server running Veeam services started performing badly

Post by Vitaliy S. »

That's strange, but once you've added a new virtual disk, it should have been initialized manually (since you should have disabled automount while configuring backup server to work in SAN mode). You can try re-configure your SAN connection once again to see if it changes anything.

Anyway if nothing helps, you may want to try Virtual Appliance backup mode which should give you similar performance compared to SAN mode via iSCSI.

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