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Setting Up Changed Block Tracking

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Read through many of the posts on changed block tracking but can't find the answer. Situation is that I have some VMs that report that the backup has been done without changed block tracking, which is strange because:

- All VMs are HW7
- None have snapshots
- Only two report: Disk "Hard disk 2" has incorrect changed block tracking configuration. Which I will fix myself later today.
- When running a powershell script to check for CBT.enabled, some report false, some report true (see: ... -tracking/ )
- All VMs are on NFS storage

There is one thing that has changed lately: All VMs have been storage vmotioned to different datastores (VMFS to NFS) and have been changed to THIN.

Even if that had changed the CBT setting, I would have expected Veeam B&R to re-enable it again. Not?

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Re: Setting Up Changed Block Tracking

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May be the migration process you have used affected CBT settings or CTK files somehow. Try to disable it according to the description provided with the "incorrect changed block tracking configuration" error, and power-cycle VM just in case. Then, the following Veeam job run will re-enable CBT on VM. Thanks!
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