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Setting up Cwrsync

Post by bshubinsky »

Has anyone set up Cwrsync to replicate data over the WAN to an offsite location? If so, can you please give me some guidance on initial setup and usage since I'm new to the software?

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Setting up Cwrsync

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Boris, yes, there are numbers of topics with some useful discussions from our existing customers sharing their experiences, please search the forums for offsite and rsync. Thanks!
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Re: Setting up Cwrsync

Post by edubya »

I've been searching up and down the forums, and all I ever find for help with RSync is the Veeam guys saying to search the forums. Would someone mind actually putting a link in with their reply? I'm been looking for RSync answers for a long time now!

Thanks a ton.
(BTW, I do love the forums, this is just something that's been frustrating me!)
Alexey D.

Re: Setting up Cwrsync

Post by Alexey D. »


For example: Re: V5 VBK file names.
But do you really see only one topic in search results (it gives me several pages..) ?
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