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SharePoint restoration

Post by spriggan » May 18, 2016 2:59 pm

Support case ID 01802462
Hello everyone,

I need a little help with SP restoration. Here is the situation..
I have 1 forest, with 2 domains (test.local and test.lab), with following servers:


Veeam.test.lab (which has SQL 2014 on it)

There are other servers, but not important for this problem. As you can see, Veeam is located in LAB domain. Now, backup for all VM is working ok, restoration of Exchange, SQL and so on is ok.
Restoration of SharePoint data (site, or files, or anything) from SP2013.test.lab server works great. Right click on that machine, select Restore Application items --> SharePoint content --> and there we go. It works.

Problem is when I try to restore SharePoint data from SP2013.test.local, I receive error: Unable to find SQL server VM hosting the content database for selected SharePoint site.

Default setting in SharePoint explorer (Options --> Use following SQL server), is SQL located at Veeam.test.lab. I can change that to SQL2012.test.local (since DB are there), start process again, but still the same error.

I am missing something, just not sure what :)


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Re: SharePoint restoration

Post by foggy » May 19, 2016 1:55 pm

Hi Ivan, I can see from the case notes that you've even configured SQL server mapping manually via registry and it didn't help. In this case, I recommend asking your engineer to check whether the mapping is correctly saved in Veeam B&R database, since it should work this way, without the suggested workaround to use FLR first.

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