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simple replication architecture questions

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I know there has been discussion about architecture out there, but I'm not sure where to look or how to search for my specific scenario. It seems like there ought to be a best practices document or something on several different common configurations, but I can't seem to find anything. I have a specific question, but would be interested to see multiple scenarios as I work with a Veeam partner and different customers have different environments.

My specific question is this. I have two small customers with a similar setup. Both have one ESXi at their primary location and one ESXi at their DR location. (One is using an 11Mbps wireless connection to a neighboring building. The other will be using a co-location datacenter.) What is the best way to architect this? My assumption has been to put a Veeam B&R server at the primary location and replicate to the DR location. Yes, I know that the DR location won't be able to access all the snapshots as there is no Veeam B&R Console at the DR location. Assuming that there is only one B&R Console in the environment, where does it belong? Primary or DR site? Also, if I did have a second B&R Console at the DR location, how would I keep the two Veeam B&R Console databases synced up? I've been using the included SQL Express install as I do not have SQL expertise, and only one of the customers has an existing SQL install.

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Re: simple replication architecture questions

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Hi Patrick, with v5 and ESXi target, the backup server should be put on target side. There is no doubt. You will see this recommendation in every topic about ESXi replication ;) Thanks.
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