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Simple Veeam Setup Question

Post by pauliem »

I have two servers, exactly the same configuration:

24Gb Ram
2 x Quad Core Xeon
4 x 15k SAS Raid 10
4 x 7200 RPM Sata Raid 10
EXSI 5 installed to internal USB

Currently everything is running on server A, Server B has only just be installed. There are 10 Linux VMs running on Server A and one Windows 2003 VM running Veeam.

I want to split the load of the VMs to run equally accross each machine.

I know that I can easily replicate everything running on Server A to Server B and failover to B in the instance of a failure. But how I acheive this if server A is down and I no longer have access to the VM running Veeam.

I was under the impression that it is not possible to replicate the VM running Veeam.

As I intend to move 5 of the 10 VMs running to Server B, I will have the same problem in reverse.

Am I missing something simple?

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Re: Simple Veeam Setup Question

Post by dellock6 »

if you use replica jobs, you will end up having virtual machines stored in the VMFS datastores and registered in the ESXi. So you will be able to power up the failover VMs directly from vSphere client if anything will go wrong, even if Veeam Backup Server is not available.

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